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Norton Family Premier is an ultimate Norton product for protecting your kids from online predators and let them enjoy the online world safely. It delivers an impressive range of parental supervision and monitoring features in order to make your children’s internet safer. On purchasing this Noton product, you will be able to control their web search, browsing time, personal information, and much more. Norton Family Premier is supported on Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Norton Family Premier

This Norton product is fully packed with advanced and appropriate features. The following are the features which make this product a preference for its users. 

  • Web Supervision

Now you can remain notified about your children’s web browsing. Norton Family Premier will send you the complete details of the websites your children are searching for. It also allows you to block the harmful and inappropriate sites. This will help them to explore the internet safely with full parental control.

  • Personal Information Protection

It helps your kids in protecting their sensitive information by giving real-time alerts and providing you with detailed reports of your children’s internet activity. This feature of Norton Family Premier is supported only on Windows devices. 

  • Time Supervision

You can help your kids in balancing their time spent online. This product will show you the time your children are spending on the internet. By knowing that, you can teach them healthy online habits. 

By setting internet usage time limits or by scheduling the time for using the device, you can make them learn about time management.  

  • Social Network Supervision 

Norton Family Premier helps you to monitor your kid’s social media usage. You can get to know how many times they log in to their social media account, details they are adding on their profiles, etc.

  • Location Supervision

You can easily track your children’s location and stay informed about their location and safety. This can be supervised only if they are carrying their devices with them. Norton Family Premier uses GPS for tracking your child’s location. 

  • Mobile App Supervision

This feature shows you the apps your kids have downloaded on their android phones. You can further restrict them to use some of the applications, that you think are inappropriate for them. Along with this, you can know the time they are spending on each application. This feature is only applicable to Android devices. 

  • Video Supervision

Get a list of videos your kids are watching on their PCs and mobile devices. With that, you can also get the snippet of each video to know more about the videos they are watching. 

  • Search Supervision

It helps you to get the information about the words, terms, and phrases your kids are searching. This will give you insight information about their interest. You can record their search activities on top search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Ask, and Yahoo.  

  • Access Request

Norton Family Premier does not work with one-sided communication. It opens the line of communication by allowing your kids to send you the access request if they disagree with the blocked site. This feature is supported only on Windows and iOS devices. 

  • Activity Reports

This Norton product also provides its users with the activity reports. These reports contain a detailed summary of your child’s online activity for the past 30 days. You will get this report on your registered email address. If required, then you can also ask Norton Family Premier to send you the report on a weekly basis. 

  • Instant Lock

This feature allows you to lock your child’s device when they are online. Instant Lock will help you to let your kids take a break and focus on other activities. Further, you can unlock the device with a PIN.